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Yarden Gewurztraminer

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The Yarden Gewurztraminer shows off that blend of characters that only “Gewurz” possesses: warm spice, fresh litchi, bright citrus and aromatic floral. Finished with just a hint of sweetness, the wine’s medium body and full flavor make it a great aperitif or accompaniment to food. We often open up a bottle of Yarden Gewurztraminer for guests as we put the final touches on whatever we are cooking (is anyone ever completely finished cooking when friends arrive?). We also like it as a pair to soups- try it with a slightly tart sorrel soup, based on a rich chicken stock. Spicy foods also work well, such as cubes of chicken in a sauce of coconut milk, aromatic vegetables (carrots, celery, shallots, ginger and cilantro) and green Thai curry paste.

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