Shiloh Cabernet Merlot ’05


Shiloh Israel Winery wines an exclusive online offering by are produced in the heart of an ancient area of vineyards in the land of Israel. This dry red wine is produced from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (72%) &� Merlot (24%) grapes with a touch of Petite Syrah grapes (4%), all hand picked during the cool dawn hours from selected vineyards. The wine was aged in our state of the art winery for 16 months in the finest French and American oak wood barrels. The mix of grape varieties in this blend contributes to the intense red color with a fine brown tint and rich aroma that echoes the ripe, slightly-tart fruit. The taste of this full bodied wine is refreshing with gentle overtones of green spices. This winery is one of the up and coming wineries is Israel and will grace any table with its exquisite taste.

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