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Odem Mountain Merlot Reserve ’07

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Founded by the Alfasi family in the heart of an enchanting and secluded oak forest at 1100 meters above sea level in the northern Golan Heights, Odem Mountain Winery is Israel’s northernmost winery. Rich in delicate flavors, the Merlot grapes used for this wine are grown at the Alma Vineyard in the Galilee Mountains. Galilee Mountains’ climate is characterized in winter by cold weather and in summer both by typically Israeli, though moderate in temperatures, sunny days, and by cool misty nights. The production process of Odem Mountain Merlot 2007 is complex and requires precision and accuracy. Manually harvested and carefully selected at dawn, the grapes then go through a long and cool fermentation process, to extract colors and aroma. The wine is then aged in fine French oak barrels over a period of 18 months, resulting in an intensely-red colored wine. Full-bodied with firm tannins, the aroma and flavors of Odem Mountain Merlot 2007 are reminiscing of ripe black fruits, dark chocolate, and vanilla, enhanced by hints of pepper and tobacco and leaving a long smooth soft finish.

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