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Mony Taltalim Dry Red Reserve ’05

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Mony Vineyard is a family-owned and operated boutique winery, located in the Samson appellation in the hills near Bet Shemesh. Each year the unique vineyards produce grapes of high quality, which then age in French and American oak barrels in the natural underground caves of the winery. The sun-drenched vineyards in the Soreq valley produce prestigious wines for the Mony Vineyards Winery. Taltalim is a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot, hand-picked from Mony’s choice vineyards. After aging separately in French oak barrels for 16 months, the Cabernet and Merlot are blended and aged together for an additional 6 months to give a rich well-balanced full body. The rich dark fruit flavors and aromas with notes of berry linger on a long velvety finish.

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