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Herzog Variations American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon

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Herzog Variations Oak is a special wine series that journeys beyond the variations of California wine country, and into a Battle of the Barrels. We start with North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon separated into two different types of oak barrels and see which one will come out on top. Oak barrels are a winemaker’s spice rack, allowing them to vary the color, flavor, profile and texture of the wine. American barrels are made from White Oak averaging from 80-100 years old.and known for wide grains that quickly release bold, rich aromas and sweetness to the wine. We start with North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon- grown in well drained and volcanic soil, then age it for 9 months in 100% new American oak barrels, enhancing tantalizing notes of fresh black plums and a creamy rich texture, finished with hints of butterscotch and toasted pecan.

So who will win this battle? The decision is yours!

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